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Ernie's Excavating Inc.

Services Provided

Some of the services we provide are:

Digging of:

- Full Foundations

- Additions

- Test Holes

- Installation of:

- Septic Systems

- Roads

- Gravel Driveways

- Underground electric lines

- Gas Lines

- Water Lines

- Sewer Lines

- Drains

- Lawns

-Removal of:

- Dirt

- Stumps

- Brush

- Leaves


- Pavement

- Rocks

-Demolition of:

- Houses

- Garages

- Porches

- Sheds

-Hauling of:

- Fill

- Loam

- Crushed Stone

-Filling In Pools

-Re-Grading Yards

-Complete Site Work

-Commercial & Residential

- Title 5 Inspections

- If you do not see a service listed

just ask

Emergency Services Available

Here are a few examples:

- Waterline Repair

- Septic Repair

- Sewer Repair

- Drainage Repair

-Other Services Available Just Ask